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Plain Tile Roof

Pitched Roofing

99% of domestic roofs are made from tile and slate. Occasionally, one or two of these might become loose or damaged by bad weather. A simple roof repair is all you need!

Our reroofing services and repairs cover a multitude of areas. From full roof renewal services to flashings replacement, velux roof light installation, repointing, chimney stack repairs and much more – all guaranteed!

EPDM Flat Roof

Flat Roofing

Rubber Flat Roofing is perfect for domestic properties, our rubber roofing systems professional installation offer an affordable, reliable and attractive way of protecting your home from the elements. Highly durable and long-lasting, our rubber roofing can be used on a variety of applications, including extensions, garages, porches, garden sheds and balconies, and offers one of the highest levels of waterproofing on the market today.

UPVC Soffit & Fascias

UPVC Soffits & Fascias

UPVC is a popular and much used material in the Roofing industry for good reason. It’s most commonly used in the manufacture of doors and windows, but it’s also a favoured choice for cladding, fascias and soffits.

UPVC is tough, hard wearing and lasts a long time. These days it’s used to replace older plastics, metals and traditional wood cladding and fascias and soffits. Unlike wood, UPVC doesn’t rot or corrode, even if constantly exposed to the sometimes harsh UK weather.

UPVC means that you don’t have to worry about deterioration of your cladding , fascias, soffits,  minimum maintenance and a lovely enhancement to your home for years without all that sanding and repainting to keep it in tip-top condition.